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NetBotz Intelligent Monitoring of Critical Assets and Spaces

The NetBotz Intelligent Monitoring Solution - an innovative, cost-effective approach to monitor your organization's critical assets and spaces.

The NetBotz solution includes stand-alone monitoring appliances that reside locally with the space or asset to be monitored The monitoring appliances include configurable sensors and software utilities that provide early-warning to threatening physical conditions. The appliances come in either a wall-mount or rack-mount configuration and can monitor and alert your organization to a variety of variables including:

  • Macro-environmental Conditions
    (temp / airflow / humidity / water leaks / UPS alarms, etc.)
  • Micro-environmental Conditions
    (Network device CPU temperature, fan speed, etc.)
  • Unauthorized Access
    (On-board camera + motion detection)

Once connected to a power supply and a LAN connection, the monitoring appliances generate their own web-page, where users can custom-configure the appliance to generate sensor-specific alerts that can be seen over the Internet and alos sent via email / page to the appropriate person. For larger deployments, NetBotz Central is a server-based component of the solution that allows organizations to configure and monitor dozens and hundreds of these appliances in a very simple, convenient, effective manner. Finally, NetBotz Surveillance is an add-on software application to NetBotz Central that leverages the camera functionality on the monitoring appliances to enable users to create movie-clips (of user-specified duration) based on built-in camera motion detection software. All of the sensor and camera-based information is collected and stored into an audit log that can be easily accessed for future reference.

With NetBotz in place, you never have to worry about downtime associated with adverse environmental conditions. Please take a look below and see if you think it could provide immediate benefit to your organization. If you need more information or would like to set up a demo please feel free to contact us at.

(866) 478-7877


NetBotz Appliances

An array of wall-mountable and/or rack-mountable, web-accessible, network appliances for monitoring environment and equipment in IT sites.

NetBotz Add-on Software

Add-on Software applications that enhance the base monitoring capabilities of NetBotz appliances.

NetBotz Central

NetBotz Central and NetBotz monitoring appliances combine to provide a comprehensive solution and power powerful tool for centralized monitoring & management of multiple IT environments and/or equipment.

NetBotz NMS Integration Service

Network Management System (NMS) Integration Packages for leading network management systems such as HP OpenView Network Node Manager, and Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold.

NetBotz Value Paks

Value Paks include the essential hardware and software required to implement a pilot implementation of NetBotz monitoring.

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